Events Privacy Notice

As a global financial services company with millions of customers and clients and over 80,000 employees worldwide, Barclays routinely handles large volumes of personal data. Recognising that managing privacy risk well is critical to retaining the trust of our customers and employees, and the confidence of our regulators, we take a rigorous approach to managing privacy. Barclays has processes and procedures in place in the various jurisdictions within which it operates to ensure we meet the obligations of all applicable/relevant data privacy laws. We also recognise the importance of working with trusted suppliers and business partners and we ensure all our employees are trained to handle personal data properly. 

Barclays Bank UK PLC (“BUK”) and its subsidiaries and affiliates (“Barclays Entities”) will treat your information processed in support of your attendance at one of our events as confidential and will hold your data in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and rules - this privacy notice supplements the Barclays Bank UK PLC privacy information. Barclays Bank UK PLC  will be the Controller of your personal data which will be held securely within our contact and event management systems:

Whom do we share your personal data with?
At times it is necessary to share your personal data securely in order to manage an event or provide a service. We share your personal data with:

  • Our contracted third parties assisting in the delivery of this event (“Subcontractors”);
  • Partners co-hosting this event with Barclays (“Partners”); or
  • Barclays Group companies in accordance with the privacy notices linked overleaf.

If we are required to share your personal data with Partners, the processing will be subject to the Partners’ privacy policy. Our Subcontractors are contractually bound to use your personal data only for the purpose we have provided it to them, in accordance with our instructions, and to ensure the security and confidentiality of such data transferred to them in accordance with local laws and regulations.

What information do we need?
We collect basic personal data about you including your name, company and email address. You may also be asked to provide additional contact information (such as phone number) if you require technical assistance in order to view or interact with the online service.

Some of our events may include a pre-planned activity (such as a coordinated at home, virtual wine-tasting event) that require you to share your home/correspondence address for delivery of event resources, as well as any dietary/special requirements, to fully participate – such participation is entirely voluntary. Personal data collected for these purposes will be subject to the same level of privacy protection provided to other personal data we collect. If you do not provide your personal data, we will not be able to organise or manage your participation at our event.

If the event you are attending offers the use of engagement technology, such as event ‘apps’ to guide your interaction through sessions, these are on occasion subject to separate controls and consent to give you the additional control over the data you choose to share with others in the event. If the event you are attending has further engagement options (such as subscriptions to newsletters or consent to receive a call from our relationship management community), these will be clearly signposted with additional consent for your participation.

If you are attending an in-person event, our photographers may take photographs and films at the event. As a result, your voice/image might be recorded (Recording) and displayed by Barclays on selected materials (internal/external emails, intranet, internal SharePoint sites or newsletters). If you do not object to be photographed/filmed by Barclays, you hereby grant Barclays permission to use, edit, record, publish and display the Recording for the abovementioned use and agree that you are not entitled to any consideration or copyright in connection with such Recording. If you don’t want to be photographed or filmed, please let the Barclays organizing committee know prior to or at the entrance of the event, and they will take appropriate steps to ensure the photographers/film crew can easily identify you.

Why do we need it? What do we do with it?
We need to know your personal data for the purposes of facilitating your attendance at this event which may include:

  • transfer of your information to our online presentation platform to secure access to the presentation sessions, and/or
  • transfer to our couriers if the event includes a coordinated online ‘physical’ activity requiring delivery of resources to you to fully participate, and/or
  • if the event is an in-person event, to Subcontractors or Partners who are participating or providing support in the organization of the event such as catering, booking of venues and other logistical planning. 

We will also use your personal data in order to ensure compliance with our global legal and regulatory obligations, including reporting to and/or being audited by national and international regulatory bodies.

Some of our events are run in conjunction with Partners (where we are sharing an event platform), and data may be shared with them to optimize the administration of the event. Subcontractors are contractually bound to use your personal data only for the purpose we have provided it to them, in accordance with our instructions, and to ensure the security and confidentiality of such data transferred to them in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Our online platforms deliver our virtual events globally to our customers and stakeholders – personal data collected from registering for these events is predominantly processed by our events teams based in the UK, the US, or within APAC; however, for the purposes of administration, IT platform provision and general maintenance, this information may be located on servers both within the wider European Union and/or transferred to our United States or APAC-based technology Subcontractors under a contracted service provision for the delivery of this event.

Your personal data will also be accessible in whole or in part by our wider events teams in our Barclays Bank PLC international offices, subject to local laws and regulations. We will ensure that any international transfers are made subject to appropriate safeguards as required by applicable data protection legislation. We will also require our Partners and Subcontractors to whom we transfer your personal data to ensure a similar level of data protection.

How long will we keep it?
Personal data will not be kept for longer than necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was collected or will be deleted when you withdraw your consent (where applicable) provided we are not legally required or otherwise permitted to retain such data. For example, Barclays is required under UK tax law to keep your basic personal data (name, company details and contact information) for a minimum of 6 years after which time it will be destroyed.

Any additional information provided by you specifically for attending this event, such as your home address or information used to access our virtual presentation platforms will be destroyed within 18 months after the event has completed. Retention periods by Partners may be different from Barclays and will be outlined in their respective privacy notices related to the individual event.

Data that is shared with our courier services for the delivery of items for coordinated online events will be kept in line with the individual courier company retention schedules, which are different from Barclays. Further privacy information will be contained within the respective privacy notice contained within the courier firms’ documentation.

What else would we like to do with your data?
Your data is processed under this notice for your attendance at one of events. This notice is separate from any other data processing activity you have with Barclays including general marketing of our goods and services and/or any Partners participating in this event.

To find out how we process your personal data for other purposes, information about your rights or if you have any concerns about how we process your personal data, please refer to the Barclays Bank UK privacy and data management site at – 

Barclays will never sell your personal data to third parties; we want you to be confident that the data you share with us for specific reasons stays that way.

Events Privacy Notice:
V7.3_BUK [6 September 2023]