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Event Overview

You're invited to the launch of Barclays Eagle Labs EnergyTech initiative, a launch pad to accelerate industry innovation among professionals in the UK energy sector. 

The launch event is a half-day virtual conference hosted by Barclays Ventures and our partners CodeBase and Opportunity North East on Tuesday, 29 September 2020


Why should I attend?

A cleaner and more sustainable world with a net-zero future requires the energy sector to reposition itself and develop new propositions based on different ways of thinking. This is our starting point. This launch event will take you further. It brings together top global EnergyTech investors, Venture Capitalists (VCs), Corporate VCs (CVCs), entrepreneurs and government leaders to explore the central theme of the programme that's at the heart of the challenges facing the industry - innovation. 


About EnergyTech

The EnergyTech initiative will:

  • Address the different types of innovation (disruptive, sustaining and diversification) that are key to transforming the sector
  • Spread best practice from other sectors, especially software development in startups
  • Educate on a range of topics from Lean Startup to VC/CVC risk-thinking
  • Support participants building new, sustainable value propositions 
  • Use the full power of our Eagle Lab network of startups and maker spaces
  • Share domain expertise from our industry partners, including innovative clean technology companies
  • Build on Barclays Ventures' experience of transforming other industry sectors
  • Allow participants to learn, collaborate, design and share in the spirit of Open Innovation


Event Timings 

 13:00 Event start
 13:30 Disruptive Innovation 
 14:05 Sustaining Innovation 
 14:40 Pact Coffee break
 15:15 Diversification 
 15:50 Closing remarks and event close
 16:00 Exclusive networking reception to begin
 17:00 Networking reception to close


Interspersed with interactive breaks, all attendees will have the option to join Pact Coffee live to brew a mid-event coffee. For a limited number of attendees, we're also offering access to intimate networking groups with a reception package from FourPure Brewing Co. You can request availability for this during registration. 


For further information about the event please contact:
Yasmin Okolo
Events, Roadshows & Hospitality