Barclays Military Talent Day

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

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Find out more by reading our frequently asked questions


Q.    Who is eligible to join this event?

A.    This event is only open to those who are still serving or have served in the Armed Forces either in the UK or in the US and their spouses or partners

Q.    Do I need a laptop or smartphone to join the event?
A.    No,  you can dial in using a standard phone, however without access to a screen unfortunately you won’t be able to see the speakers or their presentations

Q.    Do I need a webcam for this event?
A.    No, you don’t need a webcam to join this event. The presenters and speakers will use them during the event

Q.    Why does the event separate into different geographical areas?
A.    Separating the event allows the presenters to give more tailored information on that region 

Q.    Can I ask the speakers a question during the event?
A.    Yes, you will be able to ask a question using an application called Vevox from your phone or laptop. Simply refer to the instructions in your registration email to download or access the Vevox app

Q.    How can I contact the team with follow up questions?
A.    If you would like to contact the MVO team please email mvoteam@barclays.com

Q. I’m unable to attend this event, but I would like to attend future events. 
A.    Military Talent days are traditionally held twice a year, the next one will be held in Spring 2021. You can keep up to date on other events here: www.barclays.com/mvo  

Q.    How do I find out more about the UK Military Talent Scheme?
A.    We will be holding an Insight session on the Military Talent Scheme on 2 November. You can register for this event here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/military-talent-scheme-insight-session-tickets-123659935195?aff=erellivmlt 

Q.    How do I apply for a job at Barclays and what kind of roles are available?
A.    Please visit Barclays careers pages www.barclays.com/careers to search for positions and for further information on the recruitment and selection process

Q.    Does Barclays support Reserve Service?
A.    Yes Barclays fully supports Reserve Service. Barclays has a reserve policy that grants additional paid leave to undertake your reserve commitments, plus several other benefits.

Q.    What else does Barclays offer the military community?
A.    To find out more about all the support Barclays provides please visit the MVO website https://home.barclays/after